We use 4px as the baseline of our spacing system. This unit serves as the foundation for spacing and sizing elements on a page with the units of measurement increasing by multiples of 4.

The progression of the 4px spacing system.

Fixed Spacing

To maintain consistency, select page elements (that have predictable placement and content) have fixed, pre-defined spacing. This spacing is included for symbols in the UI Library in Figma.

An example of fixed, pre-defined spacing for text inside a page header that includes a page title and description.
An example of fixed spacing for a table.
An example of fixed spacing for the header, footer, and margins of a modal. The elements in the content area of the modal may use any multiple of 4 for spacing as applicable.

Flexible Spacing

Since content inside a container (such as a modal, card, or dialog) is variable depending on the context, spacing between elements inside these content areas is flexible as long as it is a multiple of 4.

For more references for spacing of commonly used patterns and layouts, view the spacing examples in Figma .

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