Required Fields

Required fields inform the user which inputs are necessary to fill out to complete or move forward in an experience.

Required Fields Indicator

Any input field that requires interaction or information collection from the user must be marked with a red asterisk next to the input field’s label. An optional input field shouldn’t have any additional text or icons next to its label to indicate it’s optional.

Example of a required input field with the red asterisk indicator.
Example of an optional input field with no icons next to the label.

Required Fields Text Placement

Whenever there are asterisks indicating required fields in a page or container, it’s important to inform or remind users what they mean. We use a standard message for this purpose: “Fields marked with * are required.” This message is displayed prominently inside the page or container, either in the header or in the content area.

Example of the required fields text placement inside a header.
Example of the required fields text placement inside the content area.

Do’s and Don’ts for Required Fields


  • Use the red asterisk to indicate all required fields.
  • Ensure the required fields text is placed in a prominent location and clearly connected with the required inputs’ asterisks.


  • Use any indicators for optional fields.
  • Place the required fields text in a place where users may easily miss it.
  • Repeat the required fields text in multiple locations for one context.
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